in the Schools


Artists in the Schools is on hold due to the pandemic. This situation has been incredibly hard on 

many people, and here at Dufferin Arts Council we feel keenly the loss of being able to 
send these wonderful people out into our schools to inspire our local children.

We encourage you to search out these artists online, and to support them by 
purchasing some of their artwork, perhaps sign up for an online class if possible.
Please find ways to help support them through this difficult period.

Thank you.

For more information on this program please contact Donna Henderson (

The Artists in the Schools program provides the opportunity for Dufferin County students to learn and benefit from enriched art workshops taught by  local artists.

Tailored to work within the expectations of the Ontario Arts curriculum, these workshops offer a focused experience from a variety of media in the visual, performance, and literary arts, as well as dance and music.


This program promotes the arts in both public and private elementary and secondary schools. Thanks program's success, many participating schools go on to create full Art Days utilizing DAC’s funding as well as funding from their respective parent councils. These school wide Art Days will provide a more thorough arts education to all students.

The Artists in the Schools is available to schools within Dufferin County, and the Dufferin Arts Council is confident that with the continued funding of an enriched arts education, our community will inspire future generations of artists.

Click on the link below to check out the Artists working with DAC this year!